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Evidence-based anti-ageing
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mylife therapeutics was founded by an internationally recognized team of scientists leading research institutions, our vision is to slow down the process of ageing, reduce age-related diseases and improve people's overall health all through cutting-edge evidence-based research.

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Our anti-ageing products

We are identifying supplements and nutritional aids with a connection to improved health and longevity. Our products are supported by evidence-based research and work published in leading scientific journals.


Gulton free

No Chemical

No flow agents


Naturallly exists
in human


Heart and kidney health

Supplement to support heart and kidney health for a youthful and long life 



Advanced brain nutrition

Developed by an internationally recognized team of clinical and laboratory scientists. CogGevity® is a unique patented blend** of carefully researched ingredients to help support brain health, longevity and optimal cognition.* 


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