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Heart and kidney health

Supplement to support heart and kidney health for a youthful and long life 

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Our Alpha-Ketoglutarate

Healthy Heart and Kidney

We're a group of health and wellness enthusiasts who are constantly seeking new ways to enhance health. We are aware that there is a great deal of information on a range of nutritional supplements and aids, therefore we have decided to leverage our understanding of nutritional science into a noble business.

At mylife therapeutics, we believe in helping you live your best life

We look for nutritional supplements and dietary aid that contribute to better health and longevity. Our products are based on evidence-based research and papers published in leading scientific journals.

That's why we're introducing Alpha-ketoglutarate(AKG), a dietary supplement for your heart and kidney health.


Alpha-Ketoglutarate (AKG)

A Powerful Heart and Kidney Health Supplement

Alpha-ketoglutarate is a naturally occurring chemical in the human body. Recently, it has demonstrated beneficial medical applications as well. Among these are therapies for kidney disease, digestion, and intestinal issues. Its effectiveness has been demonstrated throughout long-term kidney disease treatment, assisting in the efficacy of hemodialysis in people receiving these therapies.

Additionally, introducing AKG through an IV can assist in restoring tissue damage caused by previously restricted blood flow. AKG has a way of making its way through your body through a variety of pathways. While AKG is flowing through you, it helps with muscle regeneration and growth, as well as the healing of any existing injuries.

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Health Benefits and More!

Alpha-Ketoglutarate provides

Kidney disease, digestion, intestinal disorders, and more

Alpha-Ketoglutarate is a chemical already found in our body.

Recently, AKG has shown beneficial medical usage too. Some of these include treatments for kidney disease, digestion, intestinal disorders, and much more. Its effectiveness has been noted during treatment for long-term kidney disease, aiding in the effectiveness of hemodialysis in those undergoing these treatments.

Restore tissue and muscle damage

Additionally, giving AKG through an IV can help repair damage to tissues where blood flow was once limited.

AKG has a way of working its way through your body, using many avenues. While coursing through you, AKG helps to repair and build your muscles while also helping to heal any existing injuries.

Excellent dietary supplement

Because of its involvement in cell metabolism and physiology, this drug is also known to be an excellent dietary supplement. AKG is necessary to corrode fatty acids, amino acids, and glucose. Therefore, it offers an abundant supply of energy. While linking carbohydrate and nitrogen metabolism, it maintains amino acid and ammonia detoxification.

Anti-aging supplement to maintain your cells health

The energy mitochondria produce to thrive our cells on to properly function is crucial, cause as we age, they become less effective.

This is due to DNA mutations as cells are damaged but don't have the energy to repair themselves, they send signals that interfere with their own natural functions leading to aging. AKG is one of the newest but most beneficial forms of anti-aging supplements and help your cells maintain their health.

Just like you,

we want to live a long life

Why would you use an overpriced vitamin that may not even do what it states on the package?

Alpha-Ketoglutarate has been used for thousands of years because it works!


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AKG has incredible healingand protective qualities within our bodies

In fact, throughout the medical world, doctors are frequently using AKG to aid in the treatment of conditions such as osteoporosis and kidney diseases. It is also administered to patients before and after surgery because of its amazing ability to heal tissues and protect them against any unnecessary damage.

We have developed this wonderful salt in supplements form specifically for the well-being of our customers. Since Your well-being is our mission, you can support our mission by purchasing this salt.


At any age, Alpha –Ketoglutarate is key to a healthy body.

In adults, it helps build new muscle mass and in seniors, it supports joint health. Alpha-ketoglutarate not only strengthens cognition and slows the aging process, but also allows young adults between 2 and 35 torecover after exercise. Bodybuilders and fitness models widely use it.

But it’s not just good for that! Here are some other ways AKG can benefit your health:


AKG helps increase your endurance and stamina during workouts. It also preserves muscle mass during exercise to get back to the gym faster after a strenuous session. A vast number of gym enthusiasts have already started using it.

Adult Women

Studies have shown that AKG  can contribute to weight loss in adult women. It can also reduce fat mass in overweight women during exercise.

Elderly People

AKG may help prevent bone loss in the elderly by inhibiting the cells that break down bone, called osteoclasts. It may also low blood pressure in the elderly with high blood pressure.


The heart and kidney protector
you have you’ve been waiting for

We all know that our hearts and kidneys do a lot for us. They keep us alive! They work hard, and we should work hard to protect them. Alpha-Ketoglutarate, our AKG is the gluten-free supplement, the heart and kidney protector you have been waiting for. It prevents the buildup of lactic acid in muscles, which means you can work out harder and longer without the risk of cramping.

AKG is just a good idea, especially when you consider how much your kidneys and heart are doing for you.

- Supports your kidney health: AKG also contains lactic acid buildup in your kidneys, preventing stones.

- Supports your heart health. It also helps protect your heart by fighting inflammation and strengthening your arteries.

- Reduces age-related diseases.

- AKG is a nitrogen scrounger. Your body should be able to control its nitrogen levels, so it’s ideal if you’re eating a high protein diet.


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